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Roy Robertson, PDS’s founder and owner, has served North Texas builders and homeowners since 1982. Trained in architecture, Roy is a recognized industry leader.

Knowing the pressures builders face and understanding pre-construction processes, Roy and his team are able to catch and help correct potential installation problems at the planning stage.

With an architect’s eye for detail, the PDS team conducts a “framing walkthrough” to catch problems early. They use special framing techniques for radial surfaces. A special lighted walkthrough before final finish catches small imperfections. And they always pay attention to workspaces kept free of debris, promoting an attitude of quality and safety.

Remodeling requires more expertise and attention to detail from start to finish than does new construction. Matching the new to the old to blend in perfectly is always the objective.

Carefully selected tradesmen enjoy their work (and it shows). Frequent inspections ensure quality at every step. Attention to safety and strong financial stability are PDS hallmarks. PDS customers recognize value, which is why PDS enjoys a high level of repeat and referral business.

Mel Pollock of Mel Pollock Custom Homes sums it up nicely, “We’ve used Roy Robertson and Performance Drywall Services for 10 years or more in new customer construction and in high-end remodeling jobs. As a builder, I appreciate Roy’s dedication to a good job every time. As a remodeler, I appreciate Roy’s attention to detail and alerting us to potential problems before they occur.”

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